Transforming Industries with Advanced Technologies

Welcome to Ash Point Software, where innovation meets practicality in the realm of software development. At the heart of our mission lies a commitment to creating cutting-edge applications that not only solve real-world challenges but also redefine how businesses and professionals operate in their respective industries. Our suite of products, from navigational tools designed for the oil sector to collaborative platforms for property management, embodies our dedication to leveraging technology for enhanced efficiency, accuracy, and accessibility.

Our expertise spans developing highly specialized applications like OilTrails, which revolutionizes navigation with its proprietary technology, to GeoPics, a tool that transforms fieldwork with GPS-enhanced photography. DealtWith further exemplifies our approach, offering a seamless interface for managing maintenance, work orders, and contractor engagements across various sectors. Each of our products is a testament to our ability to identify industry-specific challenges and engineer bespoke solutions that are not just innovative but intuitively designed for ease of use across multiple platforms.

At Ash Point Software, we believe in the power of technology to simplify complexities, bridge gaps, and unlock potential. Whether you're navigating remote locations, sharing critical field data, or coordinating maintenance tasks, our software is built to provide reliable, efficient, and secure solutions.

Harnessing Cutting-Edge Technologies to Drive Innovation

At Ash Point Software, our commitment to leveraging the latest technologies underpins every solution we create. We're not just building software; we're engineering tomorrow's solutions today. This dedication to innovation is evident across three core technological pillars that define our approach:

Cloud Computing and Cross-Platform Integration

With the power of cloud computing, our software ensures seamless data synchronization and accessibility across devices and platforms. This integration enables real-time updates and collaborative capabilities, essential for the dynamic environments we cater to.

Advanced Geospatial Mapping and Analytics

Utilizing sophisticated GPS and mapping technologies, we provide unparalleled precision in location-based services. Our applications, such as OilTrails and GeoPics, rely on this technology to offer detailed coordinate conversion and overlay, enhancing fieldwork and navigation with accurate geospatial data.

Robust Security and Data Protection

Security is at the core of everything we do. From user authentication to data encryption, we employ state-of-the-art security measures to protect sensitive information. Our commitment to privacy and security ensures that users can trust our software with their most critical data.