Tech Solutions for Small Business

Mobile App Design | We can create a custom app that connects your business to your clients or employees to streamline your day-to-day. We have created apps that contain realtime database, user sign-in (Apple/Google/Email), barcode scanning, turn-by-turn navigation, weather, location information, and more!

Website Design and Hosting | Provide potential clients with your services offered and contact information. We can create static site that require no monthly fees and are Google search optimized.

General Tech Support | Got a question on the best way to proceed? What is the best cloud storage for your business? We are there for you! If you need some general advice, give us a call anytime.

We take on small projects too | Spreadsheet creation, software/hardware setup. We realize not every company has the justification for a IT team, we will fill that void with help when you need it.

We Simplify The Everyday

Everyday there is new ways to find customers, collect payment, minimize running costs, and more. But trying to keep up with these changes while running an operation might not be an option. Not every business has a dedicated IT team that can navigate and implement new solutions that will optimize how your company operates. It might be something as easy as setting up cloud storage so everyone can have access to the files they need when they need them, or as complex as a mobile app that utilizes a database that keeps your clients connected.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps allow you to manage your business or connect with customers on the fly. We can host the apps under our developer accounts so you don't need to worry about navigating the App Store's processes.


Websites allow your customers to find your business, learn about it, and contact you. We can create static websites that are free of any hosting costs, provide email forwarding, and are search engine optomized.


Spreadsheets can simplify day to day operations and are easy enough for all to use for non sensitive information. Some examples might include maintenance logs, project budget planning, or timecards. They can also be used as form for your paper prints like equipment inspections or meeting records.